Fusarium causes the wilting of the cotton plants by

A. clogging the vessels

B. producing toxic substance

C. causing necrosis of roots

D. killing the leaves

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  1. Plantain is
  2. The theory that cells arise from the pre-existing cells was proposed by
  3. Kwashiorkor' is caused by deficiency of
  4. Colour vision is made possible by the cells in the retina called
  5. Mutations could be created by X-rays. This was found by
  6. The theory of use and disuse was used to explain evolution by
  7. Genes are made of
  8. Which of the following plays an important part in photosynthesis?
  9. The latest drug for cancer is obtained from
  10. The 'graveyard of the RBC' refers to
  11. Sex linked genes are carried by
  12. Sleeping sickness in man is caused by the organism
  13. Translocation of food takes place in plants through
  14. The plant that is dispersed with the help of water is
  15. Which of the following organelles is known as the 'power House' of the cell?
  16. Vivipary is defined as germination
  17. The Green Revolution in India owes much to
  18. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  19. Warm-bloodedness
  20. Organisms that depend only on raw plant products are said to be
  21. Insect pollination is known as
  22. Which of the following diseases is considered as completely eradicated from India, as no case of the…
  23. The country where commercial production of cultured pearls is undertaken on large scale is
  24. The part of the eye behind the lens is filled with
  25. The animal that excretes uric acid
  26. The genetic code DNA is carried from the nucleus to Ribosome by
  27. Most of the enzymes are
  28. The counting of RBC's can be performed by
  29. The dreaded virus which, on reaching the central nervous system, produces spasms of the muscles of the…
  30. One of the following is often called the master gland. Which one is it?