If the number of valence electrons of an atom is more than 4a the substance is called

A. a semiconductor

B. a conductor

C. an insulator

D. a semi-insulator

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  1. Refers to the magnetic lines
  2. Two similar polesa each 1Wba placed 1 m apart in air will experience a repulsive force of
  3. The net electrical charge in an isolated system remains constant. This is known as
  4. What is the unit of reluctance?
  5. Hydrogen is an example of a _____ material.
  6. A magnetizing force of 1000 AT/m will produce a flux density of __________ i
  7. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit is ________ relative permeability of the material comprising…
  8. The physical motion resulting from the forces of magnetic fields is called
  9. If on looking at any one end of a solenoid; the direction of current flow is found to be clockwise then…
  10. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic fluxa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  11. The emf produced in a wire by its motion across a magnetic field does not depend upon the
  12. The reluctance of a magnetic circuit varies with
  13. The total number of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field is called
  14. The branch of Engineering which deals with the magnetic effect of electric current is known as
  15. The magnetic field of a magnetized iron bar when strongly heated
  16. ______ is an electromagnet with its core in the form of a close magnetic ring.
  17. All magnetic field originates from
  18. The ability of a material to conduct magnetic flux through it.
  19. The quantity of magnetism retained by a magnetic material after withdrawal of the magnetizing force…
  20. When the ferromagnetic substance is inserted in a current- carrying solenoida the magnetic field is
  21. Whenever a flux inking a coil or current changesa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  22. Defined as the ratio of the volume occupied by the atoms or ions in a unit cell divided by the volume…
  23. The electrons in the last orbit of an atom are called _______ electrons.
  24. The mass of proton is __________ the mass of an electron.
  25. An electron- volt (eV) is a unit of
  26. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called
  27. The relative permeability of a magnetic material is 10^5. What is its permeability?
  28. The temperature coefficient of resistance of a conductor ______ with an increase in temperature.
  29. If the number of valence electrons of an atom is exactly 4a then the substance is called
  30. A principle that states that only two electrons with different spins are allowed to exist in a given…