Lowering of condenser temperature (keeping the evaporator temperature constant) in case of vapour compression refrigeration system results in

A. Increased COP

B. Same COP

C. Decreased COP

D. Increased or decreased COP; depending upon the type of refrigerant

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  1. In the equation, PVn = constant, if the value of n = ± ∞, then it represents a reversible…
  2. Entropy of the system decreases, when
  3. The expression, nCv(T2 - T1), is for the __________ of an ideal gas.
  4. For an ideal gas, the chemical potential is given by
  5. y = specific heat ratio of an ideal gas is equal to
  6. Throttling (Joule-Thomson effect) process is a constant __________ process.
  7. With increase in temperature, the internal energy of a substance
  8. The chemical potential of any constituent of an ideal solution depends on the __________ of the solution.
  9. The value of Joule-Thomson co-efficient, in case where cooling occurs after the throttling process is
  10. Cv for an ideal gas
  11. Pick out the wrong statement.
  12. Pick out the wrong statement.
  13. A reasonably general expression for vapourliquid phase equilibrium at low to moderate pressure is φi…
  14. Entropy change of the reaction, H2O (liquid) → H2O (gas), is termed as the enthalpy of
  15. The internal energy of an ideal gas does not change in a reversible __________ process.
  16. Which of the following behaves most closely like an ideal gas?
  17. Cv is given by
  18. Free energy changes for two reaction mechanism 'X' and 'Y are respectively - 15 and - 5 units. It implies…
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  20. Fugacity and pressure are numerically equal, when the gas is
  21. A change in state involving a decrease in entropy can be spontaneous, only if
  22. Which of the following is not a common refrigerant?
  23. Enthalpy of a gas depends upon its
  24. Henry's law is closely obeyed by a gas, when its __________ is extremely high.
  25. The compressibility factor of a gas is given by (where, V1 = actual volume of the gas V2 = gas volume…
  26. Pick out the wrong statement.
  27. All gases during throttling process at atmospheric temperature and pressure show a cooling effect except
  28. No work is done by the system, when a reaction occurs at constant
  29. Pick out the correct statement.
  30. Gibbs-Helmholtz equation is