What is the correct answer?


Which function is carried out by the cell organelle 'X'?

A. helps control the movement of substance in and out of the cell

B. passes information from the parent cell to newly formed cell

C. maintains the proper shape of the cell and serves as a protective barrier

D. helps the cell to make food with the help of chlorophyll and sunlight

Correct Answer :

A. helps control the movement of substance in and out of the cell

The cell membrane (marked as x) helps control entry and exit of substances into the cell. Nucleus passes the information from the parent cell to the new cell. It is also called the control center of the cell. A cell wall is the tough, rigid layer present outside of the plant cell. It provides structural support and protection to the cell. Chloroplast occurs in the plant cells and contains chlorophyll that helps the cell in making food.

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