What is the correct answer?


Refer the given figures A, B, C and D and identify the option which shows their correct name. 

A. A - Pleurobrachia, B - Cnidoblast, C - Aurelia, D - Adamsia

B. A - Aurelia, B - Adamsia, C - Cnidoblast, D - Pleurobrachia

C. A - Cnidoblast, B - Pleurobrachia, C - Adamsia, D - Aurelia

D. A - Adamsia, B - Aurelia, C - Pleurobrachia, D - Cnidoblast

Correct Answer :

B. A - Aurelia, B - Adamsia, C - Cnidoblast, D - Pleurobrachia

Aurelia is a genus of scyphozoan jellyfish (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa). Adamsia is a genus of sea anemones. It is usually found growing on a gastropod shell inhabited by the hermit crab, Pagurus prideaux. A cnidocytes (also known as a cnidoblast or nematocyte) is an explosive cell containing one giant secretory organelle that defines the phylum Cnidaria (corals, sea anemones, hydrae, jellyfish, etc.). Pleurobranchus is a genus of sea slugs, specifically side-gill slugs, marine gastropod mollusc.

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