Servlet has ___________

A. init method

B. doGet(------) method

C. All of the above methods.

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  1. An EJB is a server-side component that encapsulates the business logic of an application
  2. Declaring a method synchronized guarantees that the deadlock cannot occur.
  3. If a=10 and b= 15, then the statement x =(a>b)?a:b; assigns the value 15 to x.
  4. Servlet can have ___________
  5. A final class may not have any abstract method.
  6. When present, package must be the first no comment statement in the file.
  7. forName() is a static factory method
  8. For all insert, update, delete, query operations on a database, ResultSet object creation is mandatory.
  9. Consider the following code snippet: try {int x=0; int y=50/x; System.out.println("Division by zero");…
  10. Which of the following statements are valid array declarations?
  11. In a single Servlet class we can use____________
  12. Every method of a final in class is implicitly final.
  13. It is an error to have a method with the same signature in both the super class and its subclass.
  14. A method declared as static can not access non-static class members.
  15. All the bitwise operators have the same level of precedence in Java.
  16. If you want to assign a value of 99 to the variable year, then which of the following lines can be used…
  17. DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:dsn_name") method does not depend on the class.forName(...) method.
  18. Declarations can appear anywhere in the body of a Java method.
  19. The break statement is required in the default case of a switch selection structure.
  20. When X is a positive number the operations x>> 2 and x>>>2 both produce the same result.
  21. When we implement an interface method, it should be declared as public.
  22. Consider the following class definition.Class Student extends String{}What happens when we try to compile…
  23. Which of the following keywords are used to control access to a class member?
  24. Which of the following represent legal flow control statements?
  25. All methods in an abstract class must be declared abstract.
  26. Which of the following are the wrapper classes?
  27. Which of the following will produce a value of 22 if x=22.9:
  28. Which of the following methods can be used to draw the outline of a square?
  29. The concept of multiple inheritance is implemented in Java by
  30. Consider the following statements: int x = 10, y = 15; x = ((x < y) ? (y + x) : (y - x); What will…