Smart pay is a payroll processing software package for__________

A. Office worker

B. Factory worker

C. Both of the above

D. None of the above

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  1. Company can not be modified from settings from company menu.
  2. The necessary condition is that all the employees has account with the Master Bank.
  3. Normally Night Allowance rates shown in the package
  4. Month days calculation on the basis of
  5. The extension of the backed up file in Smart Pay is .SBF
  6. In Paychek to create employee we have to press________ button
  7. Grade A denotes
  8. LWP calculated on
  9. EMI stands for ____________.
  10. Holiday may be differ by location to location.
  11. The short cut key of employee
  12. Allowances paid exempted from tax
  13. Bonus liability prints the net bonus payable amounts
  14. In PayChek to create holiday we have to create __________ first
  15. ESI stands for
  16. There are _______ salary components by default in PayChek.
  17. LWP stands for___________
  18. The extension of Back up file ________
  19. The employees who draw Rs. 7000 as wages pay Rs. 45 as P.Tax
  20. Milk allowance is applicable where employee's _______________.
  21. To calculate overtime factor total overtime factors are divided by total________
  22. Company subscribes Rs. ____ against each existing employee for LWF.
  23. Workman called to work in place of other employee in a different job for emergency eligible for________…
  24. Smart pay is a payroll processing software package for__________
  25. Smart Pay has no provision for creating multiple companies:
  26. The maximum number of emoluments are
  27. To create leave allotment master we have to create the following item first
  28. Pay Slip contains details of _________
  29. The short cut of production bonus entry
  30. Sumptuary Allowance given to