The chamber process is

A. Preferred over contact process for producing 98 to 100% H2SO4 and various oleums

B. Non-catalytic and operates only on pyrites

C. A batch process for directly producing high strength (98 to 100%) H2SO4

D. None of these

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  1. Fusion of limestone and __________ produces high alumina cement.
  2. Pick out the wrong statement.
  3. Hydrazine is used in water treatment for the removal of
  4. Inversion of sucrose produces
  5. Yellow phosphorus is transported under
  6. Coke used for the production of calcium carbide should have
  7. Polycaprolactam is commercially known as
  8. Vulcanisation of rubber
  9. Production of one ton of dry paper pulp requires about __________ tons of bamboo or wood.
  10. Calcareous & argillaceous materials are used in the manufacture of
  11. The process used for the manufacture of ethyl alcohol from molasses is
  12. Sulphuric acid completely saturated with sulphur trioxide is called
  13. Lubricating greases are a mixture of
  14. Chemical name of soda ash is
  15. Cooking liquor in case of sulphite process is
  16. Plasticisers are added to paints to
  17. Neoprene is chemically known as
  18. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to solvent extraction of oil. Rate of extraction
  19. Dechlorination of treated water is necessary to
  20. Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is
  21. __________ Nature of hypo (sodium thiosulphate) makes it useful in photography.
  22. Which of the following sugars is the sweetest?
  23. Which of the following is an endothermic reaction?
  24. Saponification number of an oil or fat
  25. Bromides contained in hot mother liquor is treated with __________ during manufacture of bromine from…
  26. The biochemical treatment applied to sewage effluents is a process of
  27. In nylon-66, the first and second numbers (i.e., 6) respectively designate the number of carbon atoms…
  28. __________ is obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide using brine.
  29. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is
  30. Starting material for the commercial production of ethyl alcohol in India is