The stock markets remain closed on

A. Only Sunday

B. Only Saturday

C. Sunday or Saturday

D. None of them

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  1. To acquire _______________ shares, shareholders have to pay an extra amount.
  2. I.P.O.s are traded in Secondary Market.
  3. The shareholders can extend their shareholdings by issue of _________ from the company.
  4. A fixed number of shares are transacted in an open-ended Mutual Fund.
  5. If the number of shares allotted to an Applicant is less than that applied for, the excess application…
  6. I.P.O.s are traded in
  7. Investment refers to what one does with his/her ____________.
  8. Convertible debentures can be converted into ________________.
  9. There are _________ recognized Stock Exchanges in India.
  10. ______ are allotted free of cost to the existing shareholders.
  11. A document which contains the important details about the issue of shares is known as
  12. A preference share can be converted into debenture.
  13. Electronic system of securities trading is possible through a Depository.
  14. During Book Closure period, no transaction is recorded in which of the following?
  15. A trading lot is fixed at _______ shares when the face value of the share is Rs.10.
  16. POSS stands for
  17. When a company raises funds by the sale of additional equity shares to the existing equity shareholders,…
  18. A public company must have minimum paid up capital of Rs. ____________.
  19. NSDL stands for
  20. A debenture may be described as a
  21. An extra price paid to the broker while making transaction in Stock Exchange is called ______________.
  22. In Monthly Pension Bonds a fixed income is received after a predefined period.
  23. Call money is payable on
  24. N.A.V. stands for
  25. If a person purchases 13 shares from the secondary market, it is termed as ____________ purchase.
  26. Debenture holders can vote only in meetings where the rate of interest on debentures is discussed.
  27. __________ has the authority to regulate the stock market.
  28. The term "I.P.O." stands for
  29. The refund amount can be returned at the time of application of shares.
  30. The full form of "D.P." is