What are halophytes?

A. plants found in fresh water

B. plants growing in saline conditions

C. mesophytic plants

D. desert plants

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  1. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  2. What are halophytes?
  3. Dwarf plants can be made to attain their normal stature by applying
  4. In movable joints the tips of the bones are covered with
  5. Blood is a kind of
  6. Oxygen transportation in human body takes place through1) Blood2) Lungs3) TissueThe correct sequence…
  7. Plague is caused by
  8. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy refers to
  9. Digestion of proteins starts in the
  10. Rate of mutation can be increased in plants by
  11. The thrombocytes are associated with
  12. Most of the enzymes are
  13. The heart of the human embryo starts beating in the _____ week of its development.
  14. Bird nu is a disease which affects and spreads through
  15. The normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale is
  16. Pacemaker is the
  17. Which among the following is not a degenerative disease?
  18. Hormones are carried from their place of production by
  19. The closing and opening of the leaves of Mimosa pudica (Touch me not) plant is due to _______ movement.
  20. Which of the following is NOT a viral disease?
  21. The wall of the heart is made of programmed cell death is known as
  22. Polyploid wheat does not normally show an increase in
  23. Phenylketonuria is an example of an inborn error of metabolism. Thins error refers to
  24. The grey matter of the brain is so coloured because of the concentration of
  25. Xerophthalmia is a deficiency disease. Deficiency of _________ causes it.
  26. Which among the following is the best source of proteins?
  27. Higher plants take up nitrogen as
  28. The insects do not have blood pigments because
  29. The theory of use and disuse was used to explain evolution by
  30. Blood plasma from which fibrinogen is removed is known as