Maintenance of pregnancy is under the control of

A. follicular stimulating hormone

B. growth hormone

C. estrogen

D. progesterone

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  1. Kwashiorkor' is caused by deficiency of
  2. In one minute normally the heart beats
  3. Which of the following contains the highest protein content per gram?
  4. Vaccine for influenza has been discovered by
  5. Which of the following organelles is known as the 'power House' of the cell?
  6. Small pox is caused by
  7. Decomposition of organic matter is due to
  8. Formation of blood
  9. The most primitive mammals are
  10. Who coined the term gene?
  11. Development without fertilization is called
  12. A few infections like sore throat, whooping cough and tuberculosis are carried through the respiratory…
  13. Organisms that live in the deep sea are mainly
  14. Dr Khorana's work relates to
  15. Lecuminous plants are recommended for rotation of crops because they
  16. Fusarium causes the wilting of the cotton plants by
  17. Cretinism is due to the disorder of the glands
  18. The most accepted theory of the origin of earth is the fiery origin which was propounded by
  19. Valves are present inside
  20. The counting of RBCs is done with
  21. The hormones are carried to target organs through the
  22. When does the heart start functioning?
  23. The method of inducing artificial immunity was discovered by
  24. Man is warm-blooded, frog is cold-blooded, Which one of the following is cold-blooded?
  25. Best growth of plants is attained if they are supplied with
  26. Chemical substances that called have effect on growth of plants are called
  27. The rate of growth of plants can be measured by a/an
  28. Insulin is concerned with the metabolism of
  29. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  30. Blood clot Inside blood vessels is prevented by