Which of the following awards is given for contribution in the field of literature ?

A. Kirti Chakra

B. Jamnalal Bajaj Award

C. S. S. Bhatnagar Award

D. Saraswati Samman

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  1. Which of the following combinations of the States and their Chief Ministers (at present) is not correct?
  2. Which angiosperm is vesselless?
  3. Which country recently celebrated its Republic Day on 2 June 2015?
  4. Who has recently become the fourth Indian shooter to win a quota place for the 2016 Rio Olympics?
  5. NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) Central Office is located at?
  6. Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy is the present President of
  7. British Crown assumed sovereignty over India from the East India Company in the year?
  8. Trevor Bayliss was recently appointed as the new head coach of which country's cricket team?
  9. National Consumer day observed every year on _____?
  10. United States (US) in a landmark decision has recently removed which country from its list of State…
  11. Who was recently appointed as the next Cabinet secretary of the Union government?
  12. NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) Central Office is located at?
  13. Adolf Hitler was born in?
  14. Which of the following is a Member of G-8 ?
  15. Who was the chairman of the Panel on Net neutrality that submitted its report recently?
  16. Which of the following days is observed as World Population Day every year?
  17. Which of the following statements is correct?
  18. Who among the following is a famous cartoonist ?
  19. Which cup/trophy is associated with the game of cricket ?
  20. Indias first green police station was inaugurated on the occasion of World Environment Day 2015 at?
  21. Which bank on 29 May 2015 launched an online customer acquisition solution through which one can apply…
  22. Famous Ajanta Caves are in which state ?
  23. Who was the first Prime Minister of India ?
  24. Which is not an electronic company ?
  25. Who was recently appointed as Managing Director (MD) of Indias home appliances maker Whirlpool?
  26. Who among the following is a famous cine actor/actress ?
  27. World Environment Day (WED) was observed globally on 5 June 2015 with the theme?
  28. In India we do not see a currency note of
  29. Meena Hemchandra was recently appointed as the executive director of?
  30. Union Minister Ravi Shanker Prasad has officially launched India Posts first Android app recently named?