Which options shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operators

A. **, * or /, + or -

B. **, *, /, +, -

C. **< /< *< +<-

D. / or *, - or +

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  1. The value of an enumerated datatype can be read using scanf() function.
  2. Which of the following expressions is wrong
  3. enum helps to create user defined datatype.
  4. The-------------------- statement helps immediate exit from any part of the loop
  5. The output of the following code is: main() {int a = 0; for (; i = 0; i++) printf("%d", a); }
  6. The output of the following code is: main() { void msg() { printf("HELLO WORLD"); } }
  7. The default initial value of automatic storage class is 0.
  8. What would be the output of the following program?int x=40;main(){int x=20;printf("%d",x);}
  9. Which of the following is not recommended in a header file?
  10. Which of the following is a valid destructor of the class name "Country"
  11. Which one of the following is not a valid reserved keyword in C++
  12. The output of the following code is: void main() {float a;int x = 10, y = 3; a = x / y;printf("%f",…
  13. unsigned char has a range from 0 to ------------
  14. An array declared as A[100][100] can hold a maximum of 100 elements.
  15. Every if statement can be converted into an equivalent switch statement.
  16. Right shifting an operand 1bit is equivalent to multiplying it by 2.
  17. /* The C language./* is a procedural language .*/*/The above statement is valid.
  18. C is a ___ language
  19. When a user defined function is defined in program, then it has to be called at least once from the…
  20. A declaration float a, b; occupies ___ of memory
  21. Left shift operator rotates the bits on the left and places them to the right.
  22. The output of the following code is: main() { int sub[50]; for(i=0; i<=48;i++) { sub[i]=i; printf("%d",…
  23. fopen() function returns a pointer to the open file.
  24. struct stud{int roll;char name[20];float marks;} *p;What will be the byte size of p?
  25. the value *(&i) is same as printing the value of address of i.
  26. The statement "for (i = 0, j = 2; j <= 10; j++)" is a valid statement in 'C'.
  27. void' is a datatype.
  28. Only one break can be used in one loop.
  29. A multidimensional array A[10][9] can store-------- number of elements
  30. Union is used to hold different data at different time.