Which classes allow primitive types to be accessed as objects?

A. Storage

B. Virtual

C. Friend

D. Wrapper

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  1. Which escape character can be used to beep from speaker in C?
  2. Operation between an integer and float always yields a float result.
  3. Which of the following is a valid destructor of the class name "Country"
  4. Which of the following is invalid?
  5. The output of the following code is: main() { unsigned int a = 10; while (a>=10) { int a; a-- ; }…
  6. Structures within structures cannot be created.
  7. The size of signed integer is ------ bytes.
  8. A declaration float a, b; occupies ___ of memory
  9. Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C
  10. What does STL stand for?
  11. It is necessary to initialize the array at the time of declaration.
  12. Which of the following expressions is wrong
  13. The expression (i + j)++ is illegal.
  14. # define PI = 8;' is the correct declaration of macros.
  15. Expression 4**3 evaluates to 64.
  16. continue statement is used
  17. Which among the following is a unconditional control structure
  18. unsigned char has a range from 0 to ------------
  19. emp name' is a valid variable name.
  20. The output of the following code is: main() { int k, num = 30; k = (num > 5 ? (num <= 10 ? 100…
  21. Which header file is essential for using strcmp() function?
  22. The default initial value of automatic storage class is 0.
  23. Which of the following is an example of compounded assignment statement?
  24. Which of the following keyword supports dynamic method resolution?
  25. A continue statement causes execution to skip to
  26. What will be output if you will compile and execute the following c code? #include int main(){ int i=320;…
  27. Identify the wrong statement
  28. char *s[10] defines an array of ------------------------
  29. Each pass through a loop is called a/an
  30. strcat() function ----------------------- two strings.