Which star la called the brightest star (Dog star)?

A. Sirius

B. Proxima Centaury

C. Orion

D. Pole Star

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  1. Which star la called the brightest star (Dog star)?
  2. When dees the Summer Solstice occur?
  3. Orion and Great Bear stand for ______.
  4. What is the primary cause of the day and night?
  5. Which planet rotates on its axis from east to west?
  6. Which of the following is 'the cruel planet' in Indian astrology?
  7. Distance between the Moon and the Earth is 1. Approximately 386000 km2. 1.25 light seconds
  8. A system of millions and millions of galaxies are called _____.
  9. Earth ranks _____ in the Solar System away from the Sun.
  10. What is significant about the town of Greenwich?
  11. What is the average radius of the Earth?
  12. In which direction la the Tropic oC Capricorn in relation to the Equator?
  13. Relatively cool spots of the Sun are called __ while relatively hot spots of the Sun are called __.
  14. Planet with maximum satellites is _____.
  15. Oldest object in the Solar System is __.
  16. On which date is the Earth in 'perihelion'?
  17. Which planet has the largest equatorial radius?
  18. Which of the following are the Outer Planets?1. Jupiter2. Saturn3. Uranus4. Neptune
  19. What is the primary cause of seasonal change on the surface of the earth?
  20. The Sun experiences magnetic storms and this Interferes with the magnetic field oC the Earth and produces…
  21. Among the following which planet takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun?
  22. Hale Bopp' is a newly discovered ____.
  23. Which of the following is the largest ocean?
  24. What is the temperature of the sun estimated at approximately?
  25. How many degrees north and south are the Tropics?
  26. The time taken by the sun to revolve around the centre or our galaxy is
  27. The date on which the Sun is vertical over the 'Tropic of Cancer' is
  28. What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth?
  29. A swarm of small bodies in between the two Planets of Solar System is called 'asteroids' which are those…
  30. The dark patches, associated with the Sun storms present in Sun are called