Who resigned in the Railway Board Council recently?

A. Ashok Mittal

B. Suresh Kumar

C. Rajesh Kumar

D. Vijay Prakash

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  1. 2017 IAAF World Championships was held from 4th to 13th August 2017 in:
  2. Ruth Pfau, popularly known as Pakistan' s Mother Teresa has passed away. She hailed from which country?
  3. Who resigned in the Railway Board Council recently?
  4. Which ties up with Symantec to fight cyber wars?
  5. In which country Indian Navy band participates in International Military Music Festival?
  6. Which public sector bank has recently introduced a biometric attendance register in the place of the…
  7. Which right is declared as the Fundamental Right recently by the Supreme Court?
  8. Which country will be building a stadium resembling an Arabian skull cap for the 2022 World Cup?
  9. Who becomes First Ever Football Player to score 350 La Liga Goals?
  10. Which country with India Agree to Disengage at Doklam?
  11. Who has launched the live twitter wall for promoting 'Bharat Ke Veer' portal on the eve of 71st Independence…
  12. Which among the following Indian company has become the third most funded private company globally?
  13. Which country has launched its climate-smart snow leopard landscape management plan?
  14. NABARD has conferred the 'best performance award' for 2016-17 to which regional rural bank?
  15. Usain Bolt has been stunned as he finished third in the 100 meters final of World Athletics Championship…
  16. Infusion Nurses Society will launch India's first online course on Infusion Therapy for nurses, under…
  17. Which State has launched e-waste disposal process in its schools?
  18. How many crores Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced GST earnings cross target in maiden month?
  19. According to broadband testing app Ookla which country has trhe fastest mobile internet in the world?
  20. Which currency notes are going to be released by the Reserve Bank of India recently?
  21. Who is appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to Cyprus?
  22. Which country Imposes World's Toughest Law Against Plastic Bags recently?
  23. Who was appointed as the CEO of Rajya Sabha TV?
  24. Who has won the 2017 Kenya Presidential election?
  25. Who has been appointed as the Director General of the Railway Protection Force?
  26. Health and wellness startup Cure.fit has roped in which Bollywood actor as its Brand Ambassador?
  27. Who of the following was crowned as the 2017 Miss TransQueen India?
  28. India's first private missile production facility, KRAS was unveiled in Hyderabad. The unit is a joint…
  29. Who to be named as First to be named Men's Player of the Year for Three Times?
  30. To whom the Union Minister Arun Jaitley hands over LRSAM?