Who wrote Mathematical Analysis for Economists?

A. J.P.Lewis

B. R.G.D.Allen

C. Paul A.Samuelson

D. E.D.Domar

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  1. According to Marshal, the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility:
  2. Who finalized the model of monopolistic competition?
  3. The Cambridge School of Thought refers to the group of English economists who came under the influence…
  4. Decrease in demand results in:
  5. Scarcity means:
  6. The arc elasticity is the measure of average elasticity at the mid-point of the chord and connects:
  7. An effective price ceiling usually results in:
  8. In economics, Externality means:
  9. Identify the author of The Affluent Society?
  10. Loanable funds theory of Interest was developed by:
  11. An income demand curve of an inferior good is:
  12. In cournot model, firms sell:
  13. To calculate the elasticity of demand, which of the following formula is used?:
  14. A budget line shows:
  15. The number of sellers in oligopoly are:
  16. In monopolistic competition, the real differentiation in products is due to difference in:
  17. There is no difference between fixed and variable factors in the:
  18. The price consumption curve (PCC) for commodity X is the locus of points of consumer equilibrium resulting…
  19. In the long-run competitive equilibrium:
  20. Marginal cost is the cost:
  21. Opportunity costs are also known as:
  22. Price-taker firms:
  23. Identify the economist who first developed the theory of income determination in its modern form:
  24. The elasticity of demand is equal to slope of demand function divided by:
  25. If a monopolist is producing under decreasing cost conditions, increase in demand is beneficial to the…
  26. The average cost curve is a geometrical illustration of:
  27. The income effect means that consumer purchase more when:
  28. A profit-maximizing monopolist in two separate markets will:
  29. External economies are witnessed in:
  30. A monopoly producer usually earns: