Fluid Mechanics MCQ Question with Answer

Fluid Mechanics MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 1
In a depressed nappe

The pressure below the nappe is atmospheric
The pressure below the nappe is negative
The pressure above the nappe is atmospheric
The pressure above the nappe is negative

Question No : 2
The product of mass and acceleration of flowing liquid is called

Inertia force
Viscous force
Gravity force
Pressure force

Question No : 3
The pressure of the liquid flowing through the divergent portion of a Venturimeter

Remains constant
Depends upon mass of liquid

Question No : 4
The rise of liquid along the walls of a revolving cylinder about the initial level is __________ the depression of the liquid at the axis of rotation.

Same as
Less than
More than
None of these

Question No : 5
A Piezometer tube is used only for measuring

Low pressure
High pressure
Moderate pressure
Vacuum pressure

Question No : 6
The water pressure per metre length on a vertical masonry wall of dam is (where w = Specific weight of the liquid, and H = Height of the liquid)


Question No : 7
The pressure in Pascals at a depth of 1 m below the free surface of a body of water will be equal to

1 Pa
91 Pa
981 Pa
9810 Pa