Fluid Mechanics MCQ Question with Answer

Fluid Mechanics MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 15
A perfect gas

Has constant viscosity
Has zero viscosity
Is in compressible
None of the above

Question No : 16
The error in discharge (dQ/Q) to the error in measurement of head (dH/H) over a triangular notch is given by

dQ/Q = 3/2 × (dH/H)
dQ/Q = 2 × (dH/H)
dQ/Q = 5/2 × (dH/H)
dQ/Q = 3 × (dH/H)

Question No : 17
Total pressure on a lmxlm gate immersed vertically at a depth of 2 m below the free water surface will be

1000 kg
4000 kg
2000 kg
8000 kg

Question No : 18
Buoyant force is

The resultant force acting on a floating body
The resultant force on a body due to the fluid surrounding it
Equal to the volume of liquid displaced
The force necessary to maintain equilibrium of a submerged body

Question No : 19
Property of a fluid by which its own molecules are attracted is called


Question No : 20
A weir, generally, used as a spillway of a dam is

Narrow crested weir
Broad crested weir
Ogee weir
Submerged weir

Question No : 21
A balloon lifting in air follows the following principle

Law of gravitation
Archimedes principle
Principle of buoyancy
All of the above