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Question No : 1
A chitinous lining in earthworm is found in


Question No : 2
Earthworm is useful because it

helps in fixing atmospheric nitrogen
helps in making the land porous
kills harmful bacteria of the soil
helps in making the land fertile by turning it upside down

Question No : 3
Locomotion in Earthworm is directly facilitated by

mucus secreted by epidermis
segmentation of the body
rhythmic contraction of segments
setae and contraction of segments

Question No : 4
Blood glands in Earthworm are associated with

none of these

Question No : 5
5. The pre-typhlosolar region in Pheretima extends from

fifth to twenty-sixth segment
first to twenty-sixth segment
fifteenth to twenty-sixth segment
immediately after clitellar region to twenty sixth segment

Question No : 6
A skeleton like function during locomotion of Pheretima is performed by

alimentary canal laiden with mud
coelmic fluid
ventral nerve cord

Question No : 7
Role of typhlosole in the intestine of earthworm is

to kill bacteria
to increase absorptive surface
to produce digestive enzymes
to control blood flow

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