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Question No : 8
The keys are based on contrasting characters generally in a pair called _______.

both (a) and (b)

Question No : 9
The order generally ends with

none of these

Question No : 10
Which of the following are unique features of living organisms?

Growth and reproduction
Reproduction and ability to sense environment
Metabolism and interaction
All of the above

Question No : 11
Which of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristic of living things ?

Isolated metabolic reactions occur in vitro.
Increase in mass from inside only.
Perception of events happening in the environment and their memory.
Increase in mass by accumulation of material both on surface as well as internally.

Question No : 12
Which of the following term is used to refer the number of varieties of plants and animals on earth ?


Question No : 13
ICBN stands for

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
International Congress of Biological Names
Indian Code of Botanical Nomenclature
Indian Congress of Biological Names

Question No : 14
Binomial nomenclature means

one name given by two scientists.
one scientific name consisting of a generic and specific epithet.
two names, one latinized, other of a person.
two names of same plant.