A computer can solve more than one kind of problem. This is related to which of the following characteristics?

A. Accuracy

B. Reliability

C. Versatility

D. Automatic

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  1. The output quality of a printer is measured by
  2. RAM is an example of
  3. The BIOS is the abbreviation of .
  4. What was the computer invented by Attanasoff and Clifford?
  5. Which is an item of storage medium in the form of circular plate?
  6. ________ is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide platform for…
  7. The first Macintosh computer was from
  8. ______ computers are also called personal computers
  9. The computer code for the interchange of information between terminals is
  10. Which of the following registers is loaded with the contents of the memory location pointed by the PC?
  11. What was the main disadvantage of vacuum tubes?
  12. Computer is free from tiresome and boardoom. We call it
  13. MICR stands for
  14. What is a compiler?
  15. When a computer is switched on, the booting process performs
  16. A computer consists of
  17. The process of starting a or restarting a computer system by loading instructions from a secondary storage…
  18. What do you call a single point on a computer screen?
  19. Which of the following is a secondary memory device?
  20. Regarding data, computers are very good at
  21. A single packet on a data link is known as
  22. A modern electronic computer is a machine that is meant for
  23. Most of the inexpensive personal computers do not have any disk or diskette drive. What is the name…
  24. Punched cards were first introduced by
  25. CD-ROM is a
  26. The latest PC keyboards use a circuit that senses the movement by the change in its capacitance,
  27. What is the most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system?
  28. What produces useful information out of data?
  29. Which of the following is not true?
  30. Com in Latin is