A process is ____________________

A. A program in Execution.

B. An asynchronous activity.

C. The 'dispatchable' unit.

D. All A, B, C

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  1. Underlined text, such as text and folder names is referred to as
  2. ______________approach simplifies debugging and system verification.
  3. _______________occurs when two or more execution flows are able to run simultaneously.
  4. Fsck conducts a check in _____ phases
  5. In layered approach each layer uses the functions and services of ------------------
  6. Choose the correct statement from the following.
  7. In Multics, a process could have up to 256K segments, but each segment was limited to ___________ 64K…
  8. What is the function of radio button?
  9. ______________ refers to the technology in which some space in hard disk is used as an extension of…
  10. The two sub systems of user mode layer of windows 2000 are _________ and __________
  11. The usual su command syntax is
  12. In case of good process migration mechanism, _____________ means failure of any node other than the…
  13. ______________ is a situation in which two computer programs sharing the same resource are effectively…
  14. ______________is a mechanism the prevents two or more processes from accessing a shared resource simultaneously.
  15. Pick the wrong statement from the following.
  16. Process migration involves__________________
  17. A process is ____________________
  18. IPC stands for _________
  19. The Bankers algorithm is used
  20. In _______, if a processor writes the value 100 to the memory location x, this write operation will…
  21. The date and time displays on
  22. When resources have multiple instances ________ is used for deadlock Avoidance.
  23. An operating system version designed for use with a media center PC is Microsoft Windows XP
  24. Transparent RPC mechanism refers to :
  25. A process is already split into pieces, called________________.
  26. To install the new font
  27. Which of the following does not occur during the power-on-self-test (POST)?
  28. The Network Time Protocol is similar to _______________algorithm in that synchronization is also performed…
  29. In Windows, start button is used to
  30. Identify the distributed computing model from the following statement. In this model, the user's processes…