A technique used by codes to convert an analog signal into a digital bit stream is known as

A. Queue management

B. Pulse stretcher

C. Query processing

D. Pulse code modulation

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  1. A dumb terminal has
  2. Who invented Slide Rules?
  3. Which unit converts computer data into human readable form?
  4. Which of the following is not a binary number?
  5. A computer cannot 'boot' if it does not have the
  6. Which of the following is the first computer to use Stored Program Concept?
  7. Which of the following is intended to be used in all applications runs on mainframe computers.
  8. Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer?
  9. A program that is employed in the development, repair or enhancement of other programs is known as
  10. The computer abbreviation KB usually means
  11. Which type of system puts the user into direct conversation with the computer through a keyboard?
  12. The Stepped Reckoner was invented by
  13. Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym-
  14. Hardware or software designed to guard against unauthorized access to a computer network is known as…
  15. Second generation computers were developed during
  16. Binary numbers need more places for counting because
  17. When was the worlds first laptop computer introduced in the market and by whom?
  18. How many bit code is used by Murray code for TELEPRINTER machines.
  19. First generation computers used _________ for memory
  20. in which year was UK's premier computing event started?
  21. If in a computer, 16 bits are used to specify address in a RAM, the number of addresses will be
  22. Which one is the largest space?
  23. A modern electronic computer is a machine that is meant for
  24. Most of the inexpensive personal computers do not have any disk or diskette drive. What is the name…
  25. In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed
  26. Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing?
  27. From which generation operating systems were developed?
  28. Where does most data go first with in a computer memory hierarchy?
  29. The first computer introduced in Nepal was
  30. Any storage device added to a computer beyond the immediately usable main storage is known as