Clotting of blood is

A. a chain reaction

B. reversible reaction

C. reflex action

D. no reaction

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  1. Green plants In the sea are useful for respiration of flash because they
  2. Afforestation means
  3. The grouping o( blood is based on substances called
  4. Injection of insulin causes
  5. Baldness is seen only in the males because
  6. Which of the following plays an important part in photosynthesis?
  7. The potato is a modified stem, is explained by the presence of
  8. The grouping of blood is based on substances called
  9. Blood plasma from which fibrinogen is removed is known as
  10. Which of the following diseases are not bacterial?
  11. Maize is attacked by
  12. Biocatalysts are
  13. One of the following is called a feminine hormone. Which one is it?
  14. The rate of growth of plants can be measured by a/an
  15. Warm-bloodedness
  16. A biopsy is performed on a patient generally to detect which one of the following?
  17. Which of the following diseases is caused by the deficiency of iron in human body?
  18. The function of ribosomes is
  19. Necrosis is a symptom which is recognised by
  20. The pH of normal urine of man ranges from
  21. Blood clot Inside blood vessels is prevented by
  22. Kangaroo is one of the animals popularly called as
  23. The hormone secreted when one is frightened or excited
  24. Under the immunisation programme's Govt. of India is providing vaccination to prevent some vaccine-preventable…
  25. Those small organisms which float on the surface of water are called
  26. Mutations could be created by X-rays. This was found by
  27. Insulin is produced in the human body by the
  28. Pearl is secreted by the __________ of the pearl oyster.
  29. The small pox vaccine was discovered by
  30. Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant role in protein synthesis?