Eugenics is the application of genetics to improve

A. crop plants

B. fruit trees

C. cattle

D. human beings

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  1. Food substances are substances by
  2. Which one of the following was probably absent in the atmosphere at the time of origin of life?
  3. Loss of blood is minimized due to blood
  4. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  5. The science of improving the hereditary qualities of future generations of mankind is referred to as
  6. Mouth and foot diseases in cattle are caused by
  7. Necrosis is a symptom which is recognised by
  8. Biologists have so far known, found and identified a large number of species in the plant and animal…
  9. The cellular and molecular control o( programmed cell death is known as
  10. The larva of the housefly is called
  11. The white blood corpuscles the body because they are popularly called soldiers of
  12. The following disease is prevented by triple-antigen immunization
  13. The juice from the leaves of ________ is used for the treatment of diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery.
  14. Under the immunisation programme's Govt. of India is providing vaccination to prevent some vaccine-preventable…
  15. The hormone secreted when one is frightened or excited
  16. Valve a are present inside
  17. When does the heart start functioning?
  18. The association between leguminous plants and bacteria is
  19. Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation?
  20. For which of the following is insulin treatment given?
  21. Blood is
  22. The country where commercial production of cultured pearls is undertaken on large scale is
  23. Blood is a kind of
  24. The universal recipient belongs to blood group
  25. Which among the following diseases is not caused by viral infection?
  26. The grouping o( blood is based on substances called
  27. Desert plants are called
  28. The enzyme that is necessary to bring about clotting of blood is
  29. The specific gravity of blood is
  30. What ia leukaemia?