Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of

A. 1 kg/cm

B. 6 kg/cm

C. 17 kg/cm²

D. 100 kg/cm²

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  1. When the inlet pressure of steam is equal to the exit pressure, then
  2. The ratio of the useful heat drop to the isentropic heat drop is called
  3. The reheat factor depends upon
  4. The friction present between the steam and the nozzle surfaces reduces the heat drop by
  5. Cut-off governing as compared to throttle governing is
  6. The diameters of fire tubes and superheater tubes in locomotive boiler are
  7. The feed check valve is used in order to
  8. A fusible plug is fitted in small boilers in order to
  9. The steam enters the nozzle at a
  10. The friction in the nozzle __________ exit velocity of steam.
  11. The number of flue tubes in Lancashire boiler is
  12. In turbines, the fluid undergoes a continuous steady flow process and the speed of flow is
  13. The increase in pressure
  14. A nozzle is said to be a divergent nozzle
  15. In a reaction turbine, when steam flows through the fixed blades,
  16. The pressure of feed water has to be raised before its entry into the boiler. The pressure is raised…
  17. Film boiling occurs at
  18. The function of injector used in small steam plants is to
  19. The pressure of reheat steam after passing through reheater compared to inlet condition is
  20. The average operating pressure of Benson boiler is
  21. A _________ in a boiler is used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water…
  22. O₂ content in atmospheric air on weight basis is
  23. The pressure at which latent heat of vaporisation of water is zero, is
  24. An economiser _________ the steam raising capacity of a boiler.
  25. The isentropic enthalpy drop in moving blade is two-third of the isentropic enthalpy drop in fixed blades…
  26. Which of the following boiler is best suited to meet the fluctuating demand of steam?
  27. Locomotive type' boiler is
  28. The maximum efficiency of a reaction turbine is
  29. On Mollier chart, free expansion, or throttling process from high pressure to atmosphere is represented…
  30. A closed vessel made of steel and used for the generation of steam is called a