Following are the advantages of tree topology
i) Point-to-point wiring for individual segments.
ii) Supported by several hardware and software venders.
iii) Easy to install and wire

A. i) only

B. i) and ii) only

C. iii) only

D. i) ,ii) and iii)

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  1. Which of the following provides control over multimedia sessions?
  2. Which of the following request in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) queries the capabilities of servers?
  3. …………………………..combines characteristics of…
  4. Which of the following SIP request terminates a call?
  5. What does a patch cable connect to within an Ethernet network?
  6. Which of the following can support many concurrent B-channel links and one 64 Kbps Dchannel?
  7. Which of the following versions will replace IPv4 Internet layer?
  8. What is the length of MARKER field in BGP message header?
  9. You wish to install a 100BaseT network. What type of cabling will you use?
  10. What is the range of multicast addressing?
  11. What is the maximum length of thick Ethernet cable before a signal booster is needed?
  12. What is attenuation?
  13. What is the address identified when socket is available at each end of TCP?
  14. Which type of connector is used on 10Base2 networks?
  15. ----------------is a static algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent out on every outgoing line…
  16. Which piece of equipment operates at both the data-link and network layers?
  17. In an active mode if any FTP client sends the port command "PORT 192,168,0,1,4,1" then what will be…
  18. ------------------- is/ are caused by the random motion of the electrons in a wire and is unavoidable.
  19. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  20. Using a class B address maximum of …………………networks can be…
  21. How many layers are there in the OSI model?
  22. Which of the following fields holds the packets of several protocols?
  23. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector?
  24. Which of the following defines a family of standards for 100 Mbps fiber optic LANs that provides the…
  25. Your network has gotten a single class C address but has 300 computers. How can you connect them to…
  26. Which of these is a feature of hubs?
  27. AppleTalk protocol configures hosts in zones on the network.
  28. In an authentication using symmetric keys, if 10 people need to communicate, we need _______ keys.
  29. TCP protocol is responsible for connection-oriented communication
  30. You're configuring a dial-up connection to an ISP. Which of the following protocols is used?