In distance vector routing an active router sends out information ………………………….

A. Only when there is a change in its table

B. Only when a new host is added

C. At regularly scheduled intervals

D. Only when a new network is added

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  1. You're asked to install a Citrix MetaFrame XP server. What protocol will clients use to connect and…
  2. A modem is a card within a PC that converts the …………... the computer produces…
  3. Strings enclosed in _______ quotation marks indicate single tokens.
  4. In Integrated services model, ________ corresponds to token bucket filter.
  5. You've taken your Windows 2000 laptop to a client's network and plugged it in. Your computer is configured…
  6. Which directory service is used in Windows 2000 Server?
  7. What is the range of multicast addressing?
  8. Network administrator checks whether all the devices connected to the end-to-end path are _________-enabled.
  9. In which of the following states after selecting a mailbox, actions can be taken against the mail within…
  10. 80 is the well-known port number for the HTTP service.
  11. What is the maximum distance of single-mode fiber (SMF)?
  12. You have a network card with the connector in question 43, and it also has a 15 pin female connector,…
  13. At which layer of the OSI model do FTP, SMTP, POP3, and HTTP function?
  14. Which of the following connectors is used by UTP on a Fast Ethernet network?
  15. Which of the following protocols is not routable?
  16. Data Transmission is not a layer in the OSI model
  17. ------------------- is/ are caused by the random motion of the electrons in a wire and is unavoidable.
  18. Which of the following transmission media suffers more from transmission impairment?
  19. 802.5 project standard defines Token Ring.
  20. In Secure Electronic Transaction, the description of the purchase and cost is contained in ________…
  21. …………………… have a single communication channel that is…
  22. You have a network card with the connector in question 43, and it also has a 9 pin female connector.…
  23. Which of the following protocol was developed to overcome limitations of Routing Information Protocol…
  24. Which of the following provides the service for any casting?
  25. Which of the following can be used to transfer files from a Unix server?
  26. Which of the following protocols are considered unreliable or connectionless?
  27. Which of the following address supports 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks?
  28. …………………………..combines characteristics of…
  29. TCP protocol is responsible for logical addressing and delivery of packets.
  30. Which of the following can provide a backbone network of 600 meters in length without using repeaters?