Directions: Are based on the graph given below:
Solubility-Temperature relationships for various salts.
(The Y-axis denotes Solubility (kg/litre of water))

What is the correct answer?


If 1 mole of Potassium Chloride weighs 0.07456 kg, approximately. How many moles of Potassium Chloride can be dissolved in 100 litres of water at 36°C?

A. 700

B. 650

C. 480

D. 540

Correct Answer :

D. 540

Solubility of potassium chloride at 36°C = 0.4 kg./lt. so, in 100lir solution the amount of Potassium chloride dissolved in = 40 kg. Number of moles = 40 / 0.075 = 533 approx. 540 moles can be dissolved in 100 lt. of water at 36°C.

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