In a DataSet if multible tables are used, they are identified by their

A. Names

B. Indexes

C. Any one of the above

D. None of the above

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  1. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records and you will see the changes made by other…
  2. In ___________ records are locked when you start editing.
  3. In ASP.NET if a file is saved, it is save only in the server machine.
  4. Default path for any web application is
  5. What class does the ASP.NET Web Form class inherit from by default?
  6. There can be more than one Global.asax file
  7. Caching type supported by ASP.Net
  8. Which of the following method must be overridden in a custom control?
  9. To count how many users have logged in the web site till date use
  10. A DataSet can be generated from
  11. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records but you won't see the changes made by other…
  12. You can specify a function name in
  13. Which of the following is not a member of ADODBCommand object?
  14. ____________ converts virtual path to default path
  15. In ___________ records are read-only and cannot be changed.
  16. To send attachments using SMTP use
  17. Cookies can be created with mentioning the expiry dateTrue
  18. ______________ creates a read-only recordset that can scroll forward only.
  19. To pass queries to Crystal Reports use
  20. An alternative way of displaying text on web page using
  21. ____________ enables you to set a particular date when a page should no longer be cached by a browser…
  22. ASP.NET use
  23. If someone accidentally deletes the Page Directive of an ASP.NET page say "First.aspx" under "Sales",…
  24. Which of the following tool is used to manage the GAC?
  25. If passwords are to be sent from one page to another, we can use
  26. The HTML control that helps to browse a file is
  27. To display HTML tags as it is use
  28. In the Adrotator XML file ________ is used to mention the file to link to
  29. How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "post" method?
  30. CDONTS is designed on for Windows NT Server