_________ object represents all information sent form a browser to a server

A. Response

B. Request

C. Session

D. Application

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  1. You want to ensure that the user ID is saved between requests when the user is moving through pages.…
  2. Which of the following object is not an ASP component?
  3. To make a RepeaterControl viewable, the controls ____________ must be edited
  4. Anything appearing before ________ is cleared
  5. To count the number of times an user visited a page, use
  6. File extension used for ASP.NET files.
  7. In ASP.NET a page is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page. Here UI means
  8. What class does a Web Service Inherit?
  9. ___________ sets the time out period for a particular page in seconds
  10. If a page name is WebForm1.aspx and it resides in ../Test/, then it will inherit from
  11. Menus can be added to an ASP.NET Page
  12. To save an XML file from ASP.NET use
  13. In ___________ records are read-only and cannot be changed.
  14. In ASP.NET if a file is saved, it is save only in the server machine.
  15. By default a WebForm inherits from
  16. This control does not produce an HTML output
  17. A DataSet can be generated from
  18. How can you check if the page is visited for the first time
  19. Can you use client-side event handler and server-side event handler for the same ASP.NET server control?
  20. While redirecting, values can be passed with it
  21. This file stores your web configuration
  22. Of the following controls which can be used to add a control at runtime
  23. You have an image that is clickable and you want a pop-up window to display text that identifies the…
  24. ____________ converts virtual path to default path
  25. ______________ creates a read-only recordset that can scroll forward only.
  26. Caching type supported by ASP.Net
  27. An alternative way of displaying text on web page using
  28. In ASP.NET, the default method of a form is
  29. Attribute must be set on a validator control for the validation to work.
  30. HTML tag equivalent to Panel is