__________ is a non volatile film forming constituent of a paint.

A. Thinner

B. Dryer

C. Drying oil

D. None of these

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  1. Speed of a submarine in deep sea & that of an aeroplane is measured by a/an
  2. Corona discharge is related to the operation of a/an
  3. In electrical resistance welding, distortion results from the use of improper
  4. Natural water contains approximately __________ percent of heavy water.
  5. Hollow shafts can be made as strong as solid shafts by making the twisting moments of both the shafts…
  6. Wrought iron does not have
  7. The substance used as a smoke screen in warfare is
  8. What is the value of entropy at 273°K?
  9. Which of the following is not a characteristic observed in material failure by fatigue fracture?
  10. Case hardening of a material is
  11. Work done by a/an __________ process is determined by ∫p. dv
  12. Pearlite comprises of
  13. Recrystallisation temperature of steel is __________ °C.
  14. Coating thickness in case of galvanising of steel sheet generally corresponds to the deposition of __________…
  15. The unit of gc is
  16. A high pressure boiler generates steam at a pressure greater than __________ kg/cm2.
  17. Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales have the same readings at
  18. The minimum temperature to which the water can be cooled in a cooling tower is the __________ temperature…
  19. Fire refining process is employed in case of
  20. Oxyacetylene reducing flame is used while carrying out welding on
  21. __________ fluid force is not considered in the Navier-Stokes equation.
  22. __________ joint is mostly used for joining pipes carrying water at low pressure.
  23. The best guide to judge the general quality of water is the measurement of its
  24. The property of material, by which a given amount of energy is absorbed by it, without plastic deformation,…
  25. Spheroidising of a material is a/an __________ process.
  26. Transformer cores are normally made from
  27. Energy to be supplied to the radioactive nucleus for the emission of a neutron is __________ MeV.
  28. Magnetic permeability of iron is increased by its
  29. The refrigerant freon-12 is chemically
  30. A steam pipe is intended to be insulated with two layers of insulating materials of different thermal…