Metastasis' is the process by which

A. cells divide rapidly under the influence of drugs

B. cancer cells spread through the blood or lymphatic system to other sites or organs

C. the chromosomes in cell nuclei are attached to the spindle before moving to the anaphase poles

D. cance cells are successfully inhibited to divide any futhere

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  1. Man has ____ pairs of salivary glands.
  2. Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired characters was challenged by
  3. Desert plants are called
  4. The country's first 'brain bank' that can store up to 300 human brains has been opened at
  5. Clotting of blood is
  6. What is the other name for the brain?
  7. For which of the following is insulin treatment given?
  8. Injection of insulin causes
  9. The counting of RBCs is done with
  10. A few infections like sore throat, whooping cough and tuberculosis are carried through the respiratory…
  11. The spores of Puccinia formed on the leaves of wheat are called
  12. Biological control is to check growth of
  13. Excess of amino-acids are broken down to form urea in the
  14. DNA is found
  15. Timberline shows
  16. Sadabahar, a common weed, is the raw material that provides the source of medicines used In the treatment…
  17. Pulse rate is measured in the wrist by observing the jerks of blood In the
  18. Diabetes is a disease which is
  19. Higher plants take up nitrogen as
  20. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  21. The following disease is prevented by triple-antigen immunization
  22. Accepted theory for the origin of life is
  23. The genetic code DNA is carried from the nucleus to Ribosome by
  24. Plants growing in saline marsh habitats are called
  25. Which of the following diseases is considered as completely eradicated from India, as no case of the…
  26. Which one of the following genetical disease is sex-linked?
  27. The method of inducing artificial immunity was discovered by
  28. Which among the following is a communicable disease?
  29. The geotropism of the roots that makes them grow towards gravity is said to be
  30. Late Blight' is a disease that affects the _______ crop.