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  1. Which country was won all 10 gold medals in South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championship?
  2. State the date, on which US successfully tested intercontinental ballistic missile test, recently?
  3. Name the State, in which the Police Public Schools will be set up soon?
  4. What is the place of Andhra Pradesh in UDAY Scheme?
  5. Name the person, who has been got kendra Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, recently?
  6. Name the Indian Nature Activist, who has been won 2017 Whitley Award, recently?
  7. Which portal was launched the government of India for online document verification, recently?
  8. Name the person who has been appointed as new ambassador to France, recently?
  9. Name the country, which was the second largest steel producer in the World by ISSF?
  10. State the toll free number of National Contact Center which was launched be Election Commission of India?
  11. Name the Village in Mumbai State, which has been won the Smart Village Award, recently?
  12. Name the Japan Bank, which has been invested Rs. 9,000 crore in Paytm, recently?
  13. Name the cheapest respiratory filter, which has been developed by IIt Delhi, recently?
  14. Name the new missile test, which was test fired by North Korea on 15 May, 2017?
  15. Name the Bollywood Actress, who has been bagged Dadasaheb Phalke Award, recently?
  16. Name the Child artist from Mumbai, who has been chosen for Rising Star Award in the UK, recently?
  17. Name the first woman Judge of Delhi High Court, who has been passed away on 6 May, 2017?
  18. Name the State, which was deployed Ambulance services for cows?
  19. Which state police, have been began No Helmet No Petrol drive, recently?
  20. State the rank of Visakhapatnam, in which Swachh Survekhan - 2017 results?
  21. Name the place, in which Maharashtra CM inaugurated First Automatic Weather Station, recently?
  22. Name the State, which has been announced pension scheme for journalists, recently?
  23. What is the height of the National Flag Post, which was Inaugurated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, recently?
  24. Name the Indian Cricket Player, who has been awarded life membership of MCC, recently?
  25. Name the country, which has been launched first ever Women's TV Channel, recently?
  26. Name the person, who has been appointed as the deputy executive secretary of UNFCCC?
  27. Name the country, which has been blocked 21 media websites in it, recently?
  28. Name the country, which has been inked MoU with Andhra Pradesh to speed up the new capital Amaravati,…
  29. Which type of human organ transplant have been done doctors, recently?
  30. State the no. of agreements India and palestine inked in New Delhi, recently?