Name the person, who has been elected as President of South Korea, recently?

A. Moon - Jae- in

B. Park - Jen - Hi

C. Both

D. None

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  1. Name the State, which was deployed Ambulance services for cows?
  2. Name the Indian Woman, who has been elected as Councillor to city of London Corporation, recently?
  3. Name the Indian Javelin Thrower, who has been qualified for London Worlds, recently?
  4. Name the Union Minister, who has been attend the G-20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meet held in Germany?
  5. Name the satellite, which has been launched India for the Purpose of South Asian Countries?
  6. Name the Indian American, who has been nominated US Court of Appeals, recently?
  7. Name the place, in which last dinosaur species discovered recently?
  8. Name the Former Puducherry Chief Minister who has been passed away, recently?
  9. Name the IPL team, which has been won 2017's IPL title, recently?
  10. Name the person, who has been called for creation of Asia Africa Growth Corridor, recently?
  11. State the day, on which we celebrate World Metrology Day every year?
  12. Name the former Greece Prime Minister, who has been died at 98, recently?
  13. Name the person, who has been dismissal by Trump as FBI director, recently?
  14. Name the Indian City, which has been 2nd place in World's most Crowded cities?
  15. Which country's Men's team won compound gold in World Cup Archery, Shanghai, recently?
  16. Name the CM, who has been unveiled Logo and mascot by Asian Athletics Championships in Odisha State?
  17. Name the Indian Professor, who has been bagged INSA Young Scientist Award, recently?
  18. Name the organization, which has been launched Express Wi-Fi in India, recently?
  19. Name the film, which has been got special Jury Remi Award at International film fest in Houston?
  20. Which Country's Scientists were discovered First Natural Human Antibodies against Ebola Virus?
  21. Under the GST bill entertainment, cable TV, DTH services will attract on which percentage?
  22. Which type of human organ transplant have been done doctors, recently?
  23. Name the Union Minister, who has been inaugurated DRDO's Aeronautical Test Range in Karnataka, recently?
  24. Name the person, who has been selected for Transformative Chief Minister Award of USIBC, recently?
  25. What is the name of the superfast train which was flagged on 22 May, 2017?
  26. Name the country, which has to build war museum in Manipur?
  27. Name the Indian - American student, who has been won National Geographic Bee Contest, recently?
  28. Name State, in which India's first Village of Books inaugurated, recently?
  29. Name the Indian Women Opening Pair Sets a new World Record in One-Day International, recently?
  30. Name the person, who has been appointed as Defence Secretary, recently?