Number of chromosomes in secondary oocyte stage in humans is ...

A. 23

B. 46

C. 18

D. 20

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  1. The rate of active movement of sperm is ...
  2. Mongolian idiocy due to trisomy in 21st chromosome is known as
  3. The hormone responsible for enlargement of mammary glands at puberty is
  4. In infertility treatment the ovum is fertilized outside the body and injected into the uterus
  5. The male hormone testosterone is secreted by
  6. Villi of human placenta develop from ..
  7. What are the chances of a normal fertile couple having a baby in one year?
  8. The three primary germ layers, ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm are differentiated during
  9. Ovulation occurs under the influence of high titre of
  10. The pelvic inflammatory disease is common with which type of contraception?
  11. Which of the following statements is most correct about the human menstrual cycle.
  12. Chorionic gonadotropin is secreted by ...
  13. Acrosome occurs in the sperm in
  14. In uterus, endometrium proliferates in response to ...
  15. The middle piece of the sperm contains
  16. Human eggs are
  17. Acrosome of sperm contains ...
  18. Third phase of embryo development is ...
  19. Cryptorchidism is ...
  20. Thick layer which surrounds the ovum is ...
  21. Increase in basal body temperature in the middle of menstrual cycle is a sign of
  22. Fertilization of the ovum takes place in
  23. A child's blood group is 'o'. The parent's blood groups cannot be
  24. Human embryo is enclosed by a sac called
  25. Human female reaches menopause at the age of about ...
  26. In ectopic pregnancy, foetus grows in ...
  27. The surgical method of contraception in males
  28. Immediately after ovulation, the ovum is covered by a membrane called
  29. In which phase of menstrual cycle ovulation occurs in
  30. In human embryo, the digestive system develops from the