Oxidation of ortho-xylene in presence of __________ catalyst is done to produce phthalic anhydride on commercial scale.

A. Nickel

B. Vanadium

C. Alumina

D. Iron

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  1. Polythene is a/an __________ polymerisation product.
  2. Which of the following is not a raw material used for the manufacture of ordinary glass?
  3. Commercial production of Vanaspati is done by __________ of edible vegetable oils.
  4. Which of the following is not a product of coal tar distillation?
  5. Hydrazine is largely used
  6. Most widely and commonly used coagulant for the removal of suspended impurities in water is
  7. Transportation of 35% oleum during winter suffers from the problem of freezing, which can be overcome…
  8. The product obtained on mixing calcium oxide with water is called
  9. Solvent used for extraction of oil is
  10. Vanillin is a type of
  11. Dacron is a/an
  12. Phthalic anhydride is made by the
  13. Kopper-Totzek coal gasifier
  14. Alcohol percentage in molasses may be around
  15. The terminology 'BTX' used in coal tar distillation industry refers to
  16. The catalyst used in shift converter is
  17. At very high concentration of enzymes, the rate of fermentation chemical reaction is __________ the…
  18. Removal of dirt/soil by soaps or detergent does not involve the __________ of soil.
  19. Which of the following is an additional step in the manufacture of paper from bagasse as compared to…
  20. Polymerisation product of C2F4 (carbon tetrafluoride) is called P.T.F.E (poly chloro tetra fluoro ethylene).…
  21. Fusion of limestone and __________ produces high alumina cement.
  22. Esterification reaction
  23. Nickel is not used as a catalyst in the
  24. Dacron is a
  25. Which of the following is not an abrasive material?
  26. Zeolite is a/an
  27. Styrene (a monomer for the production of polystyrene) is commercially produced by
  28. Stereospecific agents are exemplified by
  29. Margarine is a/an
  30. Cement setting under water employs a/an __________ process.