Ozone occurs in the upper layers of air in the atmosphere because

A. it is lighter than air

B. in the lower layers it becomes unstable

C. ultra-violet light is present only in the upper layers

D. it mixes freely with O2 in the upper layers

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  1. Which or the following electrolysis?
  2. The pH or pure water is nearly 7.0 It will increase on the addition or
  3. Ascorbic acid is the chemical name for
  4. The earliest known acid is
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  6. Cupellation is used in the purification of
  7. The iron salt used in blue prints is
  8. A mixture of ethyl alcohol and water can be separated by
  9. Annealing of glass is done in
  10. Iron is coated with zinc to prevent rusting. The process is called
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  18. The gas evolved when ammonium nitrate is heated is
  19. The substance most abundantly found in sea water is
  20. Rusting is a special case of corrosion applied to
  21. Which of the following biology laboratory?
  22. The number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom of mass A and atomic number Z is given by
  23. Hydrogen gas has
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  25. The principle involved in dialysis, a treatment administered to patients with affected kidneys is
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  28. Beri-beri is caused by deficiency of Vitamin
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