Study the given simple sentences that have been combined to form a simple sentence. Decipher how they have been combined.

Separate: She wanted to educate her son. She sent him to London.
Combined: She sent her son to London to educate him.

A. By using an adverb or an Adverbial Phrase

B. By using a Participle

C. By using an infinitive

D. By using, Nominative Absolute Construction

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  1. Mohan is industrious. He is very particular in his work.
  2. She never believed in his statement. His father is a doctor.
  3. She stood on tip-toe. She reached for the mangoes on tree.
  4. Ani speaks English. She also speaks French.
  5. You must be quiet. You must leave the room.
  6. You are not interested in this offer. I know it.
  7. Sheena will not spend her money. She will not invest it.
  8. Ashoka was a great conqueror. But he failed to unite the various conquered territories into a well-knit…
  9. The fact is. Nisha has not qualified the test.
  10. The teacher enters the class room. You should get up.
  11. You heat ice. It melts.
  12. She was honest. This was his statement. It was right.
  13. He has walked five miles. It is possible that he is tired.
  14. The hope is. She will return tomorrow.
  15. He settled in Nagpur. He was born there.
  16. He didnt get admission. His grades were not very good.
  17. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  18. The US Trade Centre caught fire. The building was brunt to ashes.
  19. He was going to school. He was caught in the train.
  20. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  21. They decided to start a travel group. All agreed to this.
  22. His father retired last year. He has been idle from that time.
  23. She was really upset with him. She said nothing.
  24. Please listen. Your teacher is telling something.
  25. Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet. He was a good painter.
  26. I must finish this novel. There are still few chapters.
  27. India will have a good monsoon season this year. The meteorologists expect this.
  28. I know the man. He is a doctor.
  29. I dont know any of the men. They live here.
  30. I told you not to do it. You have done it again.