Determine the function of the hilighted dependent clause in each of the followings.

The bankers need to know what they should do.

A. Noun clause

B. Adjective clause

C. Adverb clause

D. None of the above

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  1. Where did you leave the keys?
  2. I do not know whocame here last night.
  3. While it was raining, nobody went out.
  4. I dont want to invite Kamal to the party ___________ he always talks about nonsense things.
  5. I cannot say whose book is this?
  6. Joey is hoping for a change to play pool with his uncle.
  7. I asked him whenhe would go there.
  8. They told us why they are doing that.
  9. Meera looks at her husband _________ she hasnt seen him before.
  10. __________ he behaves well, Mary will never talk to him.
  11. He is so weak that he cannot run.
  12. Do you know which is house is.
  13. That was when they laughed
  14. Katrina, who resented being left at home, drew on the walls with her crayons .
  15. I shall not tell you where he lives.
  16. Im going to work harder __________ I can be promoted.
  17. Come in, sit down, and tell me why you were late.
  18. The bankers need to know what they should do.
  19. ____________ she was walking along the garden, she found a very rare flower.
  20. __________ you are in top form, your coach always shows you respect.
  21. The reporter crouched behind that tree got the best picture of the arrest.
  22. THe time when they left early
  23. He is such a weak boy that he cannot run.
  24. Our boss supports donating time to charity .
  25. You must wear your helmet while riding a motorbike, __________ you may hurt seriously in case of an…
  26. Canada might give up its marketing boards if the European Community gives up its grain subsidies.
  27. Pressed for time , the agent ran the red light.
  28. His uncle thinks that working for the government is the key to stability.
  29. __________ Jinni did the ironing, _____________ she had also prepared the breakfast.
  30. ____________ my father woke up, he realised that he had forgotten to turn off the lights.