The__ button on the tool box display data from a related table

A. Sub form sub report

B. Relationships

C. Select objects

D. More controls

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  1. A database can be best described as
  2. It is a database object to view, change, and analyze data in different ways
  3. To duplicate a controls formatting you can use___
  4. Which of the following is NOT a type of Microsoft Access database object?
  5. Microsoft Access is a
  6. To achieve AND effect when you are entering criteria in a query design window
  7. The expression builder is an access tool that controls an expression___ for entering an expression
  8. A search value can be an exact value or it can be
  9. It is an association established between common fields of two tables.
  10. In a database table, the category of information is called ____________
  11. We can remove a relationship defined between two tables by
  12. Which of the following store command to retrieve data from database?
  13. While creating relationship, when you drag a field of a field to drop into another table the mouse pointer…
  14. Which of the following creates a drop down list of values to choose from a list?
  15. If I create Student field in Fees table to store student_id of Students table, then this Student field…
  16. What are the columns in a Microsoft Access table called?
  17. In one-to-many relationship the table in one side is called _______ and on many side is called _______
  18. Which field type will you select when creating a new table if you require to enter long text in that…
  19. It is a sign or symbol that specifies, operator, and values that produce a result
  20. A database object in MS Access that stores a question about the data in database?
  21. The default and maximum size of text field in Access
  22. To sort records in a table
  23. Which of the following term is least related to database?
  24. What do you mean by one to many relationship between Student and Class table?
  25. The complete information about an entity in a database is called
  26. A __ name must be unique within a database
  27. Which of the following statement is true?
  28. What does the show check box in query design window indicate
  29. Two tables can be linked with relationship so that the data integrity can be enforced. Where can you…
  30. How can you link a table with another so that a field in current table will display values in drop down…