Which field type will you select when creating a new table if you require to enter long text in that field?

A. Text

B. Memo

C. Currency

D. Hyperlink

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  1. A small button with three dots usually displayed at the right of field properties box
  2. What is the maximum length a text field can be?
  3. Which of the following creates a drop down list of values to choose from a list?
  4. The size of a field with Number data type can not be
  5. After entering all fields required for a table, if you realize that the third field is not needed, how…
  6. To create a new table, in which method you dont need to specify the field type and size?
  7. What does the show check box in query design window indicate
  8. It is a sign or symbol that specifies, operator, and values that produce a result
  9. Both conditions display on the same row in the design grid when ___operator is in use
  10. The command center of access file that appears when you create or open the MS Access database file.
  11. The two form layout types will display multiple records at one time are tabular and___
  12. In one-to-many relationship the table in one side is called _______ and on many side is called _______
  13. Which of the following is not a database object?
  14. A part of database that stores only one type of data is
  15. It is used to calculate and restructure data for easier analysis of your data. It calculates the sum,
  16. Queries in Access can be used as
  17. Which of the following database object hold data?
  18. To achieve AND effect when you are entering criteria in a query design window
  19. The third stage in designing a database is when we analyze our tables more closely and create a ___________…
  20. A composite key is
  21. Which of the following is not a database object in MS Access?
  22. What is the difference between Open and Open Exclusively?
  23. The key uniquely identifies each record in a table.
  24. The__ button on the tool box display data from a related table
  25. Which of the following expresses correct order?
  26. Which of the following store command to retrieve data from database?
  27. A database object in MS Access that stores a question about the data in database?
  28. Which of the following statement is true?
  29. In a database table, the category of information is called ____________
  30. In table design view what are the first column of buttons used for