The coefficient of friction in belt drive depends upon

A. Material of belt

B. Material of pulley

C. Materials of belt and pulley

D. Belt velocity

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  1. In a full journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  2. Maximum principal stress theory is applicable for
  3. The spring mostly used in gramophones is
  4. When bevel gears having equal teeth and equal pitch angles connect two shafts whose axes intersect at…
  5. An open coiled helical compression spring 'A' of mean diameter 50 mm is subjected to an axial load W.…
  6. A flange coupling is used to connect two shafts
  7. The following type of nut is used with alien bolt
  8. When a hole of diameter d is punched in a metal of thickness 't', then the force required to punch a…
  9. According to maximum shear stress theory, the maximum shear stress in the shaft is
  10. The elasticity is the property of a material which enables it to
  11. In designing thick cylinders, the equation used is
  12. When a bolt is subjected to shock loading, the resilience of the bolt should be considered in order…
  13. In a flange coupling, the flanges are coupled together by means of
  14. Stress concentration factor is defined as the ratio of
  15. In helical gears, the right hand helixes on one gear will mesh __________ helixes on the other gear.
  16. The velocity of sliding ________ the distance of the point of contact from the pitch point.
  17. The taper on key is given on
  18. In leaf springs, the longest leaf is known as
  19. If P1 and P2 are the tight and slack side tensions in the belt, then the initial tension Pi (according…
  20. A spring of stiffness 1000 N/m is stretched initially by 100 mm from the undeformed position. The work…
  21. A tap bolt
  22. A tapered key which fits in a key way in the hub and the bottom of which is shaped to fit the curved…
  23. According to Indian standards, total numbers of tolerance grades are
  24. A single strap butt joint is always in __________ shear.
  25. Deep groove ball bearings are used for
  26. For unequal width of butt straps, the thicknesses of butt straps are
  27. The included angle for the British Association thread is
  28. The ball bearings are, usually, made from
  29. While designing a screw in a screw jack against buckling failure, the end conditions for the screw are…
  30. The suitable material for belt in agricultural machinery is