The core of a magnetic equipment uses a magnetic material with

A. Least permeability

B. Low permeability

C. Moderate permeability

D. High permeability

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  1. Which of the following is used by permanent magnets as the magnetic material?
  2. Which of the following has the least number of valence electrons?
  3. Permeability means
  4. Mmf in a magnetic circuit corresponds to _____ in an electric circuit
  5. Electric potential is a _______ quantity.
  6. When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field the direction of the induced emf changes one in every…
  7. The phenomenon by which a subtracts pieces of iron
  8. What principle states that each electron in an atom must have a different set of quantum numbers?
  9. Magnetic field intensity is a ________ quantity.
  10. The direction of force o a current carrying conductor placed in a m found by
  11. If the value of 25 a conductor is 1/255 per oCa then the value of 20is
  12. What is another name for relative permittivity?
  13. One electron volt (1 eV) is equivalent to _____ joules
  14. The amount of magnetizing force to counter balance the resid magnetic material is referred to as
  15. Electric field intensity at a point due to a given charge ______ if the relative permittivity of the…
  16. A good conductor has how many valence electrons?
  17. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
  18. Bonding of atoms that is due to the force of attraction between positive ions and a group of negative…
  19. A test charge means a charge of
  20. The resistivity of a conductor ___________ with an increase in temperature.
  21. Which of the following is a vector quantity?
  22. What is the practical unit of electrical energy?
  23. The emf induced in a coil due to the changing current of another neighboring coil is called
  24. What type of bond is formed when there exists some form of collective interactions between the (negatively…
  25. One farad equals
  26. When the relative permeability of a material is slightly less than 1a it is called _____ material.
  27. Residual magnetism refers to the flux densitya which exists in the iron core when the magnetic field…
  28. Who demonstrated that there are magnetic effects around every current-carrying conductor and that current-carrying…
  29. The ratio of the permeability of material to the permiabiity of air or vacuum.
  30. The electric potential at a point in air due to a charge is 21 V. If the air is replaced by a medium…