The ratio of Nusselt number and the product of Reynold's number and Prandtl number is equal to

A. Stanton number

B. Biot number

C. Peclet number

D. Grashoff number

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  1. The use of heat exchangers is made in
  2. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  3. The critical thickness of insulation for a sphere is
  4. According to Kirchoff's law, the ratio of emissive power to absorptivity for all bodies is equal to…
  5. According to Dalton's law of partial pressures, (where pb = Barometric pressure, pa = Partial pressure…
  6. Reynolds number is the ratio of
  7. Fourier's law of heat conduction is (where Q = Amount of heat flow through the body in unit time, A…
  8. The heat of sun reaches to us according to
  9. The radiation emitted by a black body is known as
  10. 40% of incident radiant energy on the surface of a thermally transparent body is reflected back. If…
  11. According to Newton's law of cooling, the heat transfer from a hot body to a cold body is
  12. In heat exchangers, degree of approach is defined as the difference between temperatures of
  13. Film coefficient is defined as Inside diameter of tube
  14. A grey body is one whose absorptivity
  15. Temperature of steam at around 540°C can be measured by
  16. The process of heat transfer from one particle of the body to another by the actual motion of the heated…
  17. Two plates spaced 150 mm apart are maintained at 1000°C and 70°C. The heat transfer will take…
  18. In a heat exchanger with one fluid evaporating or condensing, the surface area required is least in
  19. Which of the following is the case of heat transfer by radiation?
  20. Pick up the wrong case. Heat flowing from one side to other depends directly on
  21. Conduction is a process of heat transfer
  22. Total heat is the heat required to
  23. Thermal conductivity of a material may be defined as the
  24. The concept of overall coefficient of heat transfer is used in case of heat transfer by
  25. The thickness of thermal and hydrodynamic boundary layer is equal if Prandtl number is
  26. Depending on the radiating properties, a body will be black when
  27. Depending on the radiating properties, a body will be white when
  28. Total emissivity of polished silver compared to black body is
  29. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is
  30. Reynolds number (RN) is given by (where h = Film coefficient, l = Linear dimension, V = Velocity of…