The ratio of the temperature rise of cooling water to the vacuum temperature minus inlet cooling water temperature is called

A. Condenser efficiency

B. Vacuum efficiency

C. Nozzle efficiency

D. Boiler efficiency

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  1. Hard coke is used in
  2. Which of the following is a fire tube boiler?
  3. In a De-Laval nozzle expanding superheated steam from 10 bar to 0.1 bar, the pressure at the minimum…
  4. Parson's reaction turbine is a __________ reaction turbine.
  5. The bituminous coal is no caking if its carbon content is
  6. In recuperative air preheaters, the heat is transferred
  7. The amount of water evaporated from feed water at _________ into dry and saturated steam at 100°…
  8. The natural draught is produced by
  9. The number of flue tubes in Lancashire boiler is
  10. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a receiver type compound engine are regarded as having…
  11. The efficiency of reaction turbine is maximum when (where α = Angle made by the absolute velocity…
  12. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a Woolf type compound engine are regarded as having…
  13. The diagram factor is the ratio of the
  14. By compounding the expansion of steam in two or more cylinders, the length of stroke
  15. The average operating pressure of Benson boiler is
  16. One kilowatt-hour energy is equivalent to
  17. The draught (in mm of water), for maximum discharge of flue gases through the chimney, is given by (where…
  18. Stoichiometric quantity of air is the
  19. A valve installed between the boiler and the feed pump is
  20. The diameter of a cylindrical shell of a Scotch marine boiler varies from
  21. Which of the following statement is correct?
  22. The draught produced by a steam jet issuing from a nozzle placed in the ash-pit under the fire grate…
  23. The fire tubes in a Locomotive boiler has _________ diameter.
  24. The basic job of feed water treatment in boilers is to overcome the problem of
  25. The performance of a boiler is measured by the
  26. For the same diameter and thickness of tube, a water tube boiler has ________ heating surface as compared…
  27. Reheating of steam under ideal conditions takes place at constant
  28. Thermal efficiency of a thermal power plant is of the order of
  29. Which of the following statement is correct?
  30. In locomotives, the draught is produced by