The supportive skeletal structures in the human external ears and in the nose tip are examples of

A. ligament

B. areolar tissue

C. bone

D. cartilage

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  1. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct regarding compound epithelium ?
  2. The secretions of endocrine glands are released directly
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  4. The shape of a persons ear is due to mainly to
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  8. Which of the following is involved in the production of new blood cells ?
  9. If the head of cockroach is cut off, it will still alive for as long as one week. It is because of
  10. Phallic organs in cockroach are related to
  11. The intercellular material of the given figure is solid and resists compression. Identify the figure…
  12. Choose the correct sequence of alimentary canal of Cockroach
  13. The kind of epithelium which forms the inner walls of blood vessels is
  14. Nervous tissue cells that play several supporting roles but do not transmit impulses are called
  15. Intercalated discs are the communication junctions between the cells of
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  18. The chondrocytes of connective tissue are
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  20. In the given diagram of areolar connective tissue, the different cells and parts have been marked by…
  21. In which one of the following preparations, cell junctions come across most frequently ?
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  23. A student was given a sample of two tissues. He observes the tissues under the microscope and draws…
  24. Smooth muscles are______.
  25. Lack of blood supply and presence of the noncellular basement membrane are the characteristics of the
  26. Identify the figure with its correct function Fig :. Adipose connective tissue
  27. The major functions of loose connective tissue include
  28. Mast cells are associated with
  29. The only type of cell seen in a tendon is
  30. General function of gland is to