The thermostatic expansion valve operates on the changes in the

A. Degree of superheat at exit from the evaporator

B. Temperature of the evaporator

C. Pressure in the evaporator

D. None of the above

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  1. During dehumidification process, __________ remains constant.
  2. The comfort conditions in air conditioning are at (where DBT = Dry bulb temperature, and RH = Relative…
  3. During humidification process, dry bulb temperature
  4. In a refrigeration system, heat absorbed in comparison to heat rejected is
  5. The relative coefficient of performance is equal to
  6. As relative humidity decreases, the dew point temperature will be ________ wet bulb temperature.
  7. Absorption system normally uses the following refrigerant
  8. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  9. Choose the wrong statement
  10. The capacity of a domestic refrigerator is in the range of
  11. Which of the following statement is correct?
  12. The leaks in a refrigeration system using Freon are detected by
  13. The Freon group of refrigerants are
  14. R-12 is generally preferred over R-22 in deep freezers since
  15. The sensible heat factor during the heating and humidification process is given by (where h₁…
  16. The boiling point of carbon dioxide is
  17. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?
  18. Nusselt number (NN) is given by
  19. The alignment circle is marked on the psychrometric chart at
  20. The refrigerant widely used in domestic refrigerators is
  21. The wet bulb temperature at 100% relative humidity is ________ dry bulb temperature.
  22. The air cooling system mostly used in transport type aircrafts is
  23. The specific humidity during cooling and dehumidification
  24. Highest pressure encountered in a refrigeration system should be
  25. The central air conditioning system has ________ overall efficiency as compared to individual systems.
  26. Refrigeration in aeroplanes usually employs the following refrigerant
  27. Critical pressure of a liquid is the pressure
  28. The colour of the flame of halide torch, in case of leakage of Freon refrigerant, will change to
  29. Cooling water is required for following equipment in ammonia absorption plant
  30. Allowable pressure on high pressure side or ammonia absorption system is of the order of