Air refrigeration cycle is used in

A. Domestic refrigerators

B. Commercial refrigerators

C. Air conditioning

D. Gas liquefaction

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  1. The COP of a domestic refrigerator
  2. The human body feels comfortable when the heat stored in the body is
  3. The fluids used in Electrolux refrigerator are
  4. The refrigerant used for absorption refrigerators working on heat from solar collectors is a mixture…
  5. Pick up the correct statement about giving up of heat from one medium to other in ammonia absorption…
  6. The capillary tube is not used in large capacity refrigeration systems because
  7. Air refrigeration cycle is used in
  8. The vapour compression refrigerator employs the following cycle
  9. The wet bulb depression indicates _________ humidity of the air.
  10. The condensing pressure due to the presence of non-condensable gases, as compared to that actually required…
  11. When the temperature of the surrounding is higher than the temperature of the body, then the heat loss…
  12. An Electrolux refrigerator is called a __________ absorption system.
  13. The refrigeration effect in a dry evaporator compared to flooded evaporator in a similar plant is
  14. The emissivity of a polished silver body is __________ as compared to black body.
  15. Choose the wrong statement
  16. The ratio of actual mass of water vapour in a given volume of moist air to the mass of water vapour…
  17. The evaporator used in household refrigerators is
  18. A refrigerant compressor is used to
  19. The centrifugal compressors are generally used for refrigerants that require
  20. In vapour compression refrigeration system, refrigerant occurs as liquid between
  21. The refrigerant for a refrigerator should have
  22. Under cooling in a refrigeration cycle
  23. Which of the following refrigerant has the maximum ozone depletion potential in the stratosphere?
  24. The boiling point of ammonia is
  25. Air refrigeration cycle is used in
  26. Highest temperature encountered in refrigeration cycle should be
  27. The wet bulb temperature during sensible cooling of air
  28. In vapour compression cycle the condition off refrigerant is dry saturated vapour
  29. In vapour compression cycle, the condition of refrigerant is saturated liquid
  30. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?